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“We needed someone who could write white papers and other documents related to our cell therapies. Additionally, we needed professional editing capabilities for a variety of medical affairs reports, sometimes with a short lead-time. Sherry knows what questions to ask to ensure that the final product meets Vericel’s high standards. She is a true professional and consistently delivers for us.”

- Victor Zaporojan, MD, Director, Global Medical Affairs
Medical Science Liaison Team Member, Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine
Vericel Corporation, Cambridge, MA

"When we interviewed various PR people, most others had typically shown a plethora of press releases (not actual articles) and would list friends and other contacts they have at various publications. In contrast, Sherry was one of the few who could point to actual good press that she had gotten for her clients.

"Since working with her, we've found her to be extremely responsive and on top of things with the different press organizations. She’s not someone whom you have spent your time and energy trying to motivate. (I love it when people get things done on their own!) If the proof’s in the pudding, consider this: we've been covered in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, National Public Radio, ABC World News Tonight, CNBC, Boston Globe, and plenty of other consumer as well as trade publications."

– Malay Kundu, CEO, StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, Cambridge, MA

"We have a unique sustainable grass seed that many people feel is “too good to be true”, which makes it a challenge to get press. Sherry’s well-written and positioned releases and media contacts helped us get many stories as soon as we started. I cannot speak more highly of working with Sherry. She already got us in the Wall Street Journal and soon in Popular Science. The only reason I would not highly recommend her is to try not to let out the secret of Sherry Alpert in order to keep her PR efforts all to myself. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give her a 10. Listen to her advice. It has all been good. Just do not take her away with a huge campaign. We need her help to get us through the rest of the lawn season of spring and again in the fall."

—Jackson Madnick, Founder, Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed,
Wayland, MA

"Sherry Alpert singlehandedly revitalized our public relations efforts by refocusing us on the traditional print and broadcast media. In thirty years of trying on our own, we were on the AP wire once and never on national newscasts. Through her indefatigable efforts, Sherry got RR Auction international press coverage five times in three months. Besides the results being great for branding our company, Sherry’s efforts were even better for our bottom line."

– Bobby Livingston, Marketing Director, RR Auction, Amherst, NH

"Sherry Alpert has been extremely effective at landing very real, very substantial exposure for my firm over the last number of years, including Business Week, NPR's Marketplace, Inverstors Business Daily, the New York Times - and other media. She asks very good questions and tries with all earnestness and zeal to understand what reporters need, then advises me how to approach the interview.

"I know that the media attention has given us great credibility and allowed us to then resell the editorially-annointed story to our clients. Invariably, clients are impressed. While the press reports may not yield us clients directly, it does help us open doors. And as any good sales person will tell you, that's half the battle."

– Leonard Fuld, CEO, Fuld & Co., Cambridge, MA

"Radius Product Development has achieved major visibility since Sherry took over our PR effort. We didn’t envision ourselves getting a bylined article on the cover of a coveted trade magazine, or CEO profiles, awards and product announcements in such a wide range of media. Sherry is quite creative in the opportunities she uncovers and diligently follows them through."

– Steve Callahan, President, Radius Product Development, Clinton, MA

"When we launched SensorfreshQ, Sherry immediately swung into action. We soon had stories in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Boston Globe, and many other major daily newspapers.  She also secured coverage for the pre-launch of the SensorQ label in several trade magazines in the food industry as well as targeted consumer magazines. Her PR efforts have been a key factor in product introduction." 

– Megan Owens, Executive Director of Marketing & Product Management
Food Quality Sensor International, Inc., Lexington, MA

"I needed PR and to get my name in the media, and Sherry’s name kept coming up as the most effective and professional firm. Sherry is as passionate about what I do as I am. You’re not a number with her. She’s challenged me in ways that I feel has made me better at what I do. In less than a year, I’ve appeared in print, radio, and TV. Sherry got me a bylined article in the most desirable and difficult magazine that covers my client base. I can’t calculate the credibility that one article gave me and my firm."

- Jeffrey S. Wolfsberg, President, Jeffrey S. Wolfsberg and Associates, Inc., Canton, MA
Drug Prevention Specialist

"Good Shepherd Community Care is extremely grateful to Sherry for her hard work and dedication to promoting our organization’s mission and activities. She remains persistent and professional, as she explores every avenue to meet our PR goals. She is a true
‘go-getter’. Perseverance and strong attention to detail are two of the main qualities we look for in a PR professional, and Sherry is exemplary of both."

- Tim Boon, President, Good Shepherd Community Care, Newton, MA                                                                                  
Sherry has helped with our messaging and positioning as well as the traditional PR efforts for our early stage business. What has impressed me about Sherry is her care, discipline and follow-through. My experience is that working with media takes time, and you really need someone like Sherry who will see it through to the end. Her ethics are second to none. She makes sure that the dollars spent equate to something meaningful and in line with initial objectives. I’d highly recommend her to anyone!"

- Jack Huntress, Founder & CEO, HomeBinder, Carlisle, MA

I had the pleasure of working with Sherry on the promotion of our dmSkincare line. She is a seasoned professional who clearly knows her way around the PR world and gets the job done with tenacity and efficiency!"

– Ginger Hodulik, VP, Research and Development, DermaMed Solutions, Lenni, PA

"We had never had PR prior to hiring Sherry and have found our revenues rapidly increasing since she came on board. Whether it’s interviews, product announcements, analyst briefings, or improvements to our web site, Sherry has given us first rate service across the board."

– Mark Pinsley, President, Adaco Services, Williamsville, NY

"Sherry is smart, aggressive and resourceful. She knows her stuff, and she gets results.  What more can we ask for?" 

– Hans Strauch, Principal, HDS Architecture, Watertown, MA

"When I met Sherry, I was not initially convinced of the value of PR for my fitness studio. She convinced me, and I have NEVER doubted her value since. Sherry was the number one reason that my business went from zero revenues to over $200,000 in less than two years.

"Since then, I have worked with Sherry over the last five years on numerous larger projects. I cannot say enough that the PR money I have spent on Sherry has yielded the highest return on investment of anything I have ever done. Currently, I am working on a major international project with partners who have suggested using some of the U.S.’ biggest PR firms. I have fought them tooth and nail, and we are using Sherry because of her straightforward, results-oriented and personal approach to the bottom line and getting my company in the media. I'm so comfortable that she just gets the job done that I have even used her to help cast a movie.

"I can't recommend Sherry highly enough. However, she is not for everyone. If you want someone to push around, look elsewhere. Sherry will tell you what she can do, tell you what you should do for publicity, and then get the job done."

– Josh Golder, Founder, Cutting Edge Fitness Inc., Newton, MA
Founding partner, Waterstone Retail Development, Needham, MA
Executive Producer, "True Guts" and "Dream"

"Sherry has been working with BrandEquity for the past five years. She has successfully placed BrandEquity in many local, regional and national publications and has a great understanding of our business. We plan to continue working with her for many more years!"

Ted Selame, President, BrandEquity, Newton, MA

"Sherry Alpert Corporate Communications is a reliable professional company with connections that are relevant for any business. With Sherry on the case, we have had multiple article opportunities with in a couple of months. She took the time to learn our business, advise us in a direction that would best meet our PR needs, and aggressively sought opportunities to promote our business. I am looking forward to many years of working with Sherry!"

– Fran Linden, President, EZ DoesIt Software, Taunton, MA

"Sherry has been the publicist for two business books and a Holocaust-related memoir I co-authored, and has been an aggressive promoter who achieves results. For the business books, she obtained a major article in Fortune, and interviews in other business magazines and newspapers, including an extensive analysis in the Boston Globe. On the memoir, she obtained lengthy book and author profiles in the San Francisco Chronicle and Boston Globe along with a number of Jewish publications. Her efforts also helped get the book selected for the Hadassah Book Club, plus she helped me book more than a dozen speaking engagements."

David E. Gumpert, Author, "Burn Your Business Plan", "Better Than Money" and co-author, "Inge: A Girl's Journey Through Nazi Europe"

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